Happy New Year!

A slightly belated welcome to 2008

SexFest 08 was a great success, packed with people and generating a giant street pillow fight at the stroke of midnight, as per tradition. Lucy lent her artistic skills to the creation of some excellent sponsorship posters and we left the party at 2am seeking sleep, hence benefiting from New Year’s free travel. Woo! In fact, the bus to Joshua’s provided excellent entertainment itself in the form of a vaguely deranged man playing Yankee Doodle on the harmonica, and shouting that Ken Livingstone was a communist and that Mussolini would get the buses running on time. “Bring back Mussolini!” I wasn’t aware he actually ever filled the position of Mayor of London, but no matter

Onwards, to the future?

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Happy New Year!

  1. Andy says:

    2am? Beginners.

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