Five bad things of today

(…and what the silver linings are.)

1. My essay was poorly written which never really got to grips with the question, and I ran out of time on it.
But at least this gives me lots of left-over material for supervision tomorrow!

2. The Government abandoned the mooted handover of bits of the Southern rail franchise to TfL.
But it gives me more ammunition to hate Boris Johnson?

3. A guy from Newcastle thinks that the working classes are just naturally stupid and university admissions aren’t an issue.
But he’s wrong.

4. The Themes and Sources examination paper reminds me that I’ve got coursework over the summer.
But the questions don’t look too bad…

5. My cheese feast pizza disappeared from the fridge at precisely the moment that I was starving with hunger.
There is no bright side to this.

Bad Things Update – I totally forgot about finding out about how The Apprentice ends before I had a chance to see it! And ends badly. And now I can add forgetting to put this on the list on the list, too

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2 Comments on :
Five bad things of today

  1. Andy says:

    My bad on number 5. It was tasty, mind

  2. Abbi says:

    I don’t think cheese feast pizza is on the list of healthy uni food I gave you before you went off to Cambridge. I am seriously going to type you up a list of easy recipes and email them!

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