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My week

Please note that there is currently severe mood disruption between Waseley Prom and Leaving Party. This is due to ridiculous train services. Specific station information now follows:

Tricycle Theatre: A good service is operating – alight here on Monday evening for Moonlight & Magnolias, a very funny and well-done play made all the better by the unique atmosphere of the Tricycle.

QPCS Concert: Alight here on Tuesday evening for the Summer Concert, including excellent performances from Alice ‘New Girl’ Jenkins and somebody who played and sang Regina Spektor’s Samson to my great delight. Change here for the QPCS line. Please note that the QPCS line is running a reduced nostalgia service from June 2007.

Saoirse’s Birthday: A refreshments service consisting of lasagne, chips and chocolate cake operates at this stop. A reduced friendship service may operate whilst Saoirse reads a book bought from the ‘Business – Globalisation’ section of a bookshop.

Waseley Prom: Alight here on Thursday night for the Waseley Sixth Form Prom, featuring dancing, strict ID-checks and a cool bloke named Mike. Facebook links are available for customers wishing to connect to photos of this event. Change here to visit Lucy. Travel update: Injuries are being reported along this route. Please check with the operator of this service for further announcements.

Leaving Party: Under construction. Alight here for Barrie Birch’s leaving party: one of the defining faces of Queens Park leaves the scene! Change here for the QPCS line. Please note, in case you missed it the first time, that the QPCS line is running a reduced nostalgia service from June 2007.

Book Group: Under construction. Customers are advised to check the arrivals board for Saoirse and Sanna in order to discuss Lucas by Kevin Brooks.

Grandparent Tea: Under construction. All change please! This week will terminate here. Return trains are not running.

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  1. Lucy says:

    Oh Dom


  2. Tasha says:

    you loser!
    but how come you’re invited to Birch’s leaving party??! Has it happened?

  3. Abbi says:

    I can’t decide if this is clever or maybe a little sad. Either way I was fascinated!

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