Pub crawl?

I’m not sure that last night really qualifies as a pub crawl seeing as there was a definite lack of any shouting or vomiting, but in our pub ‘ramble’ Joshua and I did manage to go from The Corrib (atmosphere: relaxed) to Paradise (atmosphere: packed) to The Regent (atmosphere: sit outside on the curb). And it was also the kind of night that threw out special guest stars along the way, with Robert behind the bar at Paradise proving that it really does pay to know a barman, Alix showing up later (hi!) with happy exuberance and Matthew joining us at the end in his stylish black coat to be wonderfully Matthewish. And I wish to dedicate this paragraph to the guy standing at the door of Paradise, who after watching us being challenged for ID to get in – and me actually being able to produce a passport! – high-fived me for still being young. Thank you kindly Sir

It would also be wrong of me not to mention Robert’s brilliant dinner party on Wednesday night, which Abbi has encapsulated well on her blog. I can only agree with her that walking home through Gladstone Park at night is a true test of nerves, although luckily we didn’t make those amateur horror movie mistakes such as splitting up to explore, making the girls wear revealing nightgowns or fighting amongst ourselves so as not to notice the approaching danger. (And apologies to any fans of serious, multi-layered horror movies feeling insulted by this deeply unfair characterisation.)

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Pub crawl?

  1. Abbi says:

    I now have this image of Sanna and I tearing down the road in our nightgowns being chased by chavs. I should find this scary, except it’s rather hilarious. Oh dear! When is the next dinner party? Have you had word with your sister?

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