Slightly fewer than fifteen Tweets

So I’ve finally joined Twitter, and at about the same time as Lucy and Abbi. It was Tash who finally pushed me over the edge, convincing me that this was one more social loop which I really didn’t want to be left out of, and it really is rather fun. The description of it being ‘like ESP’ works best – you can just pop on and get a warm sense of various friends connected like fellow drinkers in some virtual café. Nice, clean, simple and quick. And, of course, I felt the need to join up all the technological dots: now I can text Twitter, which updates Twitter itself, when then feeds through to my Facebook status before that finally gets over to this very site. (Die-hard RSS consumers: there’s a whole site here, y’know!) So if you ever see ‘Current status: Dominic has been stabbed and is slowly dying in a darkened alley’, for example, make sure to marvel at the wonder of interconnected open formats. And my ability to text when dying, of course.

I have loads of adminy-type things to do tonight, but I can’t really find the energy, so instead I’m listening to Sugababes remixes (quiet, you) and wondering when my Spider Solitaire addiction will ever end. This afternoon I was rushing to complete an essay by the deadline and decided to quickly check the dinner menu just to reassure myself that I wasn’t going to miss out on anything. What do I see? Garlic bread, pasta with meat balls and chocolate fudge brownies. I’m sorry, Aristotle, but nothing can ever beat that – if I escape stabbing and die instead on death row, that’s a high candidate for my final meal – so I got a move on and made it to second hall. Success!

(The eternal questions of second hall, incidentally, are:
(a) how subtly can I eat the bread before grace?
(b) is anyone ever going to notice that a substantial section of us fail to say Amen?)

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Slightly fewer than fifteen Tweets

  1. Amber says:

    I had a spider soliataire addicton once, its very dangerous and may be with you for some time.
    I had to cure myself with Freecell which turned out even more deadly.

    At my dads college he had to lead grace once, You can say it any language aparently. Try saying "the force is with you" before eating instead. xxx

  2. Amber says:

    But i this was at his work at all souls, not when he was a student (100 years ago).
    He didnt get a first. Brought shame to the family

  3. Red Dalek says:

    Sadly Caius are rather more specific about it (Latin FTW) But only those who get Firsts are actually asked to say it, I think.

    Which college did your dad go to?

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