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“Good afternoon! You’re listening to Drivetime LIVE on SpoutRadio with me, Angry McNab, on the show that hands over control to YOU and lets YOU say whatever’s really on YOUR mind. So let’s go straight to the phones, where our first caller is waiting: a Nick Michael from Florence. What’s on your mind, Nick?”

“Afternoon, Angry, afternoon. I just wanted to phone in to tell you how SICK I am with politics in Italy at the moment…”

“Oh it’s disgraceful, isn’t it?”

“It really is, Angry, it really is. But you don’t know the half of it, Angry, y’know cause I live in Florence, see, so I see it all close-up…”

“A ring-side view, would you say Nick?”

“That’s it, exactly, a ring-side view Angry, a ring-side view. And y’know, it really makes me mad because all we get is weak governments, Angry, weak governments and weak states…”

“Bit of trouble with the Spanish, I hear?”

“Oh yeah, I mean, trouble like you won’t believe, Angry..”

“And why do you think all this is happening, Nick?”

“Well if you ask me, Angry, if you do ask me I’d say it was because we have just LOST CONTROL of our military matters, y’know, just totally lost control and the situation’s terrible because of it. I remember, back when I was lad, like, when he had strong republics with a bit of fire in ’em, y’know? A bit of fighting spirit is what we need, Angry, if you ask me because we’ve just LOST it at the moment.”

“I’m glad you’ve brought this up, Nick, I really am, because we get a LOT of calls on this topic at the moment, Nick, an awful lot. In fact, I think the phonelines are going as we speak, y’know, because this is something that really gets you going and what I hear, over and over again, is that what really gets your goat is the use of mercenaries in all of this.”

“That’s it, Angry, that’s totally it, because y’see these mercenaries are just USELESS, y’know? Untrustworthy, just out to make a profit, y’know, out to look out for themselves and their business and no one cares about us in all of it, Angry, no-one seems to give a damn about us…”

“They say, Nick, the princes say that they need mercenaries because it’s just not gentlemanly to raise an army anymore. That’s what they say. What do you think about that?”

“Oh but doesn’t that just SHOW you, Angry, does that just show you how USELESS these people are? I tell you, I pay my taxes, I pay a lot of taxes, Angry, all us hardworking people do and we don’t even get a proper army to show for it. I tell you, it just makes me so mad sometimes, as I said, it really does.”

“And I think our listeners are with you on that one, Nick, they really are, so thank you very much for your call there, really sparking a debate on that one here. Right, time for our next caller, and it’s a Mr. Lipsius…”

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