Out for Abi’s birthday

Die Harmonie voll tiefer Friedlichkeit (mit allem was wir sind)

With four exams down and only one left to go – next Tuesday – there’s been a bit of breathing space for those odd little fragments of life which don’t revolve around exams. We all had an especially good excuse yesterday, Abi’s birthday, and so went out for a (delicious) meal and drinks together with Abi’s friend Heather who is over here visiting from California. (It’s occasions like these where those bits of California knowledge suddenly become very important, such the desolate nature of Fresno – sorry, Fresno – or the fact that Maine is now, quite shockingly, officially cooler than California.) And I have to say, I do rather love this supremely well-posed group photo:

Out for Abi’s birthday

Out for Abi’s birthday

Today Owen, Abi, Heather and I went punting, although by some fluke of sheer charm (clearly) we persuaded Owen to do the actual punting whilst the rest of us relaxed. And drank cider. Cambridge really does veer between the extremes of work and relaxation, doesn’t it? Still, it’s becoming increasingly clear with every frantic zig-zag between the river bank why the punt never quite caught on in the rest of the world outside Oxford and Cambridge.

Owen punts us along (I don’t…)

Owen punts us along (I don’t…)

Heather and Abi

Heather and Abi

Fun musical mix-up moments: a classical Dancing Queen, German Lion King and a punky Apologize. Spotify required.

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7 Comments on :
Die Harmonie voll tiefer Friedlichkeit (mit allem was wir sind)

  1. Katie says:

    Gebräuche Online-Übersetzer ist nicht immer genau.

  2. Lucy says:

    Katie ist genau!

  3. Red Dalek says:

    ¡El título no es una traducción!

  4. Lucy says:

    Du bist ein n00b

  5. The Unintelligent One. says:

    Ich habe einen hund. Meinen hund ist brun. Ich liebe meinen hund.

    Ich habe ein pappergai, im der raathaus.

  6. Lucy says:

    I have a pretty good clue who the person above me is

  7. The Person Above Lucy says:

    Haha, only you would

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