I so clearly deserve this

The very good thing about having done exams is that I now feel entirely guiltless about living a rather luxurious and indulgent lifestyle for the summer Following the urge to escape Cambridge for a couple of days, I was in Sussex to see Lucy earlier this week, before coming up to London to take my mum out on her birthday present: Amongst Friends at the Hampstead Theatre. And the next night I was lucky enough to see Waiting for Godot – courtesy of Helen‘s generosity! – starring (wait for it) Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. Which, let’s be honest, is going to make anything worth it. I’m still rather intrigued about what to make of the play itself, and I wish I could call back upon my A-Level English class for help

Have now returned to Cambridge for a few days of garden parties, drinks and visits to the fair (minus the sheep show, which didn’t appeal greatly) before coming home properly. As ever, it’ll be wonderful to hang out with everyone back home again, safe in the knowledge that I still have another year before I actually have to join real life. Can’t wait for Newquay!

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I so clearly deserve this

  1. Abbi says:

    Exciting times ahead. I think I’m equally excited to meet all the Selfs and for Newquay

  2. Helen says:

    Thanks for the namecheck – so glad you enjoyed the night!
    A play that gives food for thought, certainly. I’ve located a full-text version and it appears all the little asides and visual japes (like the hat swapping) are in the stage directions, so were visualised by Beckett. Extrodinary – I thought perhaps the actors had ‘improvised’ those bits to fit the vaudeville context.

    (Mum is taking solace telling friends it was her 73rd Birthday and she stayed up all night in London!!)

    Have a wonderful Summer, all of you xxx

  3. Waiting For Godot is one of Samuel Beckett’s masterpieces. The play is simple, funny and yet complex. Through it all it gives an insight into the human nature which is quite intriguing. I think everyone can relate to it. Definitely a must-watch! And happy summers all of you

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