Underground Underwear

I wouldn’t normally post pictures of my underwear, but…

Underground Underwear

Underground Underwear

Since this is a special occasion, I will show off my new ultra-cool TfL approved clothing, courtesy of Abi and Oliver. (Yes, OK, birthday presents opened two days in advance, but extenuating circumstances prevail.) Can we all please note that it comes complete with Overground lines too

Me, Philippa, Sophie, Oliver and Abi

Me, Philippa, Sophie, Oliver and Abi

Pre-birthday celebrations also included an outing to the delicious Strada, also known as ‘the restaurant where I have to pretend to scan the menu before ordering the Rigatoni’. Oh, and also: a hat!



There is actually a specific meaning behind this particular hat, which I will reveal soon

Also, I should note that my monthly bundle of texts from Virgin Mobile has just gone up from 500 to 3000. Which is basically just a recipe for me to get really tired fingers! The automated voice on the ‘check your credit’ number can’t even be bothered to keep up now, simply announcing that you have ‘over a thousand texts’. Ah, progress…

And finally, the answers to the quiz!

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5 Comments on :
I wouldn’t normally post pictures of my underwear, but…

  1. Abbi says:

    I LOVE the hat. I believe you should wear it everyday in Newquay!

  2. Lucy says:

    Has Abi had a haircut? It looks so good!

  3. Red Dalek says:

    She has indeed, and doesn’t it just!

  4. Sanna says:

    I just re-read the post you picked my quote from, and I totally think you should have chosen "They both set a high standard for good looks and congeniality" regarding Oliver and Abi, heehee!

  5. Abbi says:

    I also thought Abi’s hair looked really lovely! go, Abi!!! Of course anyone called Abi (independent of spelling) is automatically impossibly cool… and a bit of a ninja

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