I Can Make You FAT’

I’m going into publishing…

I Can Make You FAT’

I Can Make You FAT’

Finally! A career choice which utilises my particular talents and skills…

(Dominic Self is available for interview.)

‘National Rail Tickets …made simple!’ and ‘Fine’

‘National Rail Tickets …made simple!’ and ‘Fine’

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I’m going into publishing…

  1. I particularly like ‘PHD’ – oh, poor Gillian. I loved Bad Science too, btw, incidentally. I realise I haven’t had a chance to mention it to you.

    I will look forward to ‘Fine’ hitting the bookshelves – and thereby force W H Smith to create an absurd new category for you. I would much prefer to read such a book than most of the usual twoddle like that. Provided, of course, that there are glossy pages with photos of you at various life stages…?

    I am sorry to say it, but out of the three I hope not to be buying National Rail tickets made easy – let’s hope for Oyster before that one gets published…

  2. Red Dalek says:

    Oh, fear not, ‘Fine’ will contain glossy photos aplenty! From ‘a happy birthday, aged seven’ to exclusive pictures of the ‘nice side’ of Willesden Green, they’ll really add a sense of meandering pleasantless and gentle whimsy to the already hard-hitting tale.

    Naturally I’ll sign your copy, too

  3. Gillian Self says:

    With regards ‘Fine’ you may find that Andrew Collins got there first with ‘Where Did it All Go Right?’. Should we go back in time and make it miserable after all?

    And thanks for the sympathy Alex!


  4. Abbi says:

    I laughed out loud to this. So loud that I had to explain to several work colleagues what was so flipping funny on Monday at lunch time.

  5. Alexander Trafford says:

    Excellent, well as long as I can look forward to glossy pages full of a perfectly contented life, I’ll gladly receive my signed copy

    Ah, yes, sorry Gillian. I’m sure you may well deserve it too, but there my pity was directed rather squarely at Gillian McKeith. Or – how rude of me – to use her full medical title: Gillian McKeith.

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