Quick post, pre-Liverpool

I stand rightfully accused of leaving far too long between posts, and then trying to shove a week and a half’s worth of stuff in one go, so here is a little snatched bit of blogging before an early night! A couple of things to rave about: first, Psychoville, which was introduced to me whilst visiting Oliver and Abi’s – is really good – and I am now working my way through. Catch it on the iPlayer before it disappears! Also, today at the aquarium with Lucy, Abbi and Sanna was great (I have a real urge to go into primary school mode now, and say that we say lots of fishes and sharks and even a turtle!) Alix was round for dinner this evening, who always makes for great company, and tomorrow I am off for a short break to Liverpool with mum, Katie and Lucy.

So, yeah. All’s very well! Goodnight and sweet dreams*

*i.e. Don’t have a series of nightmares, like I managed to, including one in which I was a cameraman going around the homes of various targeted people in Zimbabwe as shots were going off around us. I have a very vivid dream memory of turning around and thinking – ‘how come I don’t have a bullet proof vest on but the fancy BBC reporter behind me does?’

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