Back together


I’m in love with you like it was the first time (Like the very first time)
I’m still loving you like it was the first time (Like the very first time), yeah
Woah woah, and I will never leave ya (I will never leave)
Woah woah, and I will never leave ya

We were so close, once.

I still remember bringing you home for the very first time, all shiny and new. I was so young; you were so fun. We’d stay up late together, just you and me, showing the world what we were made of. Fiery. Boom boom boom, shoot them all down, dead dead dead.

It wasn’t always easy, of course, but I think that was half the fun. You tested me and made me better. Sometimes you made me feel like a failure, but I kept trying to win your favour, and then all of a sudden I’d be top of the world again in your eyes.

At first we were sharing with my parents in that run-down old place, but later we moved to somewhere brand new and all ours. Our lives became faster, bigger, better. You were maturing too. In the old days you would suddenly crash into oblivion, and it was down to me to rescue you. Now everything seemed more stable.

And then I had to leave.

I can’t explain now, looking back, why you couldn’t come with me. Somehow, deep down, I just knew it wasn’t to be. We were magnificent together, yes, but I was hooked on you – like a drug – and I needed to get away. I had to live my own life. I had to be free.

I kept a few things to remind me of you, of course. Bits and pieces, here and there. And of course, I still had to see you sitting there every damn day. Your cool, silent exterior. Your smooth façade. I looked. You never looked back. Until…

I call it comeback
I’ve seen the whole map
And I’ll be back by the evening

Back together

Back together

Did you miss me, Worms 3D?

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  1. Saoirse says:

    "You never looked back."

    Well. You did tell it to ignore you.

  2. Sanna says:

    Dude, that is not funny! I spent like four minutes trying to work out what on earth you were on about.


  3. Katie says:

    What’s with the melancholy, at least your worms weren’t prodded off cliffs…

  4. Abbi says:

    @Sanna… that’s what we do with all of your blogs…

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