Noooooo… (etc)

Things! Which! Happened! To! Me!

I’m still here! And I think I feel like writing a bit of rambling Tashaesque rundown, just to prove that I haven’t been hiding under a rock for the past week. Let’s count down the days…

Monday / Lundi!
Saoirse came over for tea, stayed for supper and tried to sell me TV Tropes for the n-th time. (She is so Badass Bookworm underneath it all… OK, OK, so it is both addictive and good. Like Lady Gaga or licking the baking spoon.)

Tuesday / Dienstag!
Had my traditional “I’m back!” lunch in the Corrib with Joshua. No more needs to be said: this is a tradition par excellence which you mess with at your peril, right down to pretending to scan the menu and then just-so-happening to have a burger. Mm.

Wednesday / Woensdag!

Noooooo… (etc)

Noooooo… (etc)

LOOK! (Pssh… over there -> )

That’s right. This was the day I made my fateful discovery that Willesden Green Library Centre is currently cinema-less, the management having apparently ‘disappeared’. Hmmph. This is not acceptable: I don’t mind reading about high street closures on Nic’s blog, but depriving Willesden of a cinema means we’re now officially less cool than Rubery. Rubery! Good thing Lucy arrived on Wednesday, else I would have been tempted to storm the building and set up my own replacement finger puppet light show.

Thursday / गुरुवार!
Lucy and I lunched at the implausibly cheap The Stockpot off Leicester Square before heading to the Science Museum, because we’re obviously both Lovable Nerds. (‘Science’ consisted of random words from the Internet read out in a darkened room in the creepiest voice imaginable, some plastic drapes and a perfectly functioning game table in the glowy bit used to do extremely fun yet educational things.) Then it was off to almost-Hertfordshire for Abi’s house and some Merlin and True Blood, which again can be explained by how very very cool we are. Fun, though

Friday / Fredag!
Oh, it’s alright – Willesden may no longer boast a cinema, but it turns out that it does have a previously undiscovered centre for rather nice milkshakes and cake. Boo yeah – take that, Rubery Smubery. Also of note: The Emperor’s New Groove remains in the top 15% of the ‘good things of the world’ list.

Like Christmas come early

Like Christmas come early

Saturday / Sabato!
The Day Of The Great Cake Project, after Lucy wanted to do some baking and I wanted to do some chocolate cake eating. (I joke, but it should go down in the official record that this was a team effort, and there’s no Lucy-did-all-the-work in team.) Sugar-heavy cake left to cool, we then went to see Carolyn and ended up chillaxing (a word I think I use here because Tasha just walked in about 15 seconds ago) on set with the stars, as Alix prepared a showreel for an exciting audition. If only all films could have London Overground trains going by in the background, and then even bad films would become instantly lovable.

Everyone’s favourite

Everyone’s favourite

Sunday / Didòmhnaich!
Touchdown turnaround: Lucy departed for home very shortly before Sophie arrived in the neighbourhood to have dinner with the Selfs. After some tense rounds of Connect 4 and mum’s lovely cooking we headed off to Camden so that I could introduce yet-another-person to ‘mango’ beer, which was met with warm appreciation. In fact, Sophie loved night-time Camden in general, and it’s always nice in general to see London through a fresh pair of eyes. It may be one cinema down, but you just wouldn’t live anywhere else, would you?

I will resist starting a new cycle of the week, but just to note that I also caught up with Sanna today, who was lucky enough to catch the last of the cake before it vanished. Also: as of this morning we are down to a one solitary Windows XP machine, which will itself shortly be extinguished once mum’s shiny new laptop arrives. (Evil Laugh.) Blue may have been the colour of 2001, but it is so, so time to move on. To The Future!

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Things! Which! Happened! To! Me!

  1. Saoirse says:

    TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life. But, hey, TV Tropes Will Enhance Your Life!

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