(How amusing if Laura, Lucy and Gavin met up?)

When even someone like Matt – who, in a former life, rather mocked this blog! – mentions a recent drying up of my posts appearing in his ‘news feed’ (see, they all give in eventually ) you know it’s time to scribble something. And I have a nice little gap of 20 minutes or so in-between Special Subject (‘gobbet practice’ – now doesn’t that lend itself nicely to confusion…) and supervision, so here we are. Truth be told I started a post a couple of days ago but abandoned it because it seemed too political, and this is an audience-aware blog (TM) which tries to avoid being too dull. Sometimes.

(Btw, reading Tash’s PWG post this morning was the most heart-warming thing ever! )

Have seen a bit more of Promise this term than we usually get around to: I’ve now got yet another person to Caius Hall, at least! The novelty’s worn off for most, naturally… Lucy’s coming tomorrow evening (yay!), and I think we’ll head for Pizza Express instead But basically, I have little to write about because I am genuinely committed to a work-heavy patch between now and finals Have written 40+ sides of notes on reading for my first two essays alone, which is by far the most I’ve ever done, even compared to political thought last year. (Well, I started well last year, but drifted off track notes-wise – which I am totally determined not to do this time. Even if it is impossibly-bonkers German idealism.)

Um… someone left a gospel of St Mark’s in my pigeon hole? Well, I mean, I wasn’t singled out – everyone got one – but the guy had taken the time to handwrite individual post-it notes for each of us. Was absolutely planning to leave The God Delusion and a friendly note in his pigeon hole in return, but sadly someone else beat me to it, so instead I will have to content myself by considering my answers to the following questions which came on an accompanying postcard:

What does God know about sex? Everything! (And I really mean everything…)
Is Jesus the only way to God? Yes.
Why does God let us suffer? Free-will. And mysterious divine plan.
How could a loving God send anyone to hell? Hell is ‘separation from God’! (Alternatively: who’s going to stop him, eh?)
Will being good get me to heaven? No. Perhaps if you were a noble pagan. But not now, no way.

I think I win. Supervision time!

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