Selfs (1989-1995 models)

Goodbye, gospel music

Selfs (1989-1995 models)

Selfs (1989-1995 models)

Tash left yesterday to live in Paris for a couple of months with Beth – accompanied by some of the largest luggage I have ever seen in my life. (Who is going to be there for late night tea chats now, I ask you?) So, partly in farewell, we’ve been doing quite a lot of extended family things over the past week – lunch with Leonard, Carolyn’s amazingly tasty roast, Grandma’s ‘tea’ (and, yes, now’s the time to draw the obvious connection between these things) – although Tash had already escaped by that last one, so I hope she was able to, um, afford some food of her own instead Some more old family cine film has also been resurrected on DVD, so we’ve also been marvelling at footage of my mum toddling into the sea with the help of a maid nanny. Very cute, and also very spitting image of Tash to a scary degree.

As for me… I’m in a bit of a temporary limbo for a week or so until I find out whether my next project is a goer. Plenty of time for the thrilling final season of BSG, then! And also for avid reading of Sophie’s new blog from the US, which is written at the level that I sorta wish my own blog could be written at – particularly her latest post on immigration. Well worth a look.

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