In an ideal world, this would make the Metro

60 Second Séance (and other adventures)

There are so many layers of geekiness to this story I’m not really sure where to start. But anyway: you recall that I bought a load of books and then facetiously suggested that I would feature Mary Wollstonecraft as the next celebrity on this blog? Well, after starting to read her works I got a tweet from the woman herself agreeing to an interview, which is a pretty significant scoop for someone who died in the eighteenth century. But hey, if Psychic TV can flourish, why can’t I?

In an ideal world, this would make the Metro

In an ideal world, this would make the Metro

As Paul said to the Corinthians, some people think I’m bonkers, but I just think I’m free…

Talking of freedom: Caroline and I worked our way through a suitable amount of wine last night arguing about the proper meaning of the word with respect to politics, conservatism and so on. Which was good, because I think I came as close to being persuasive with left-wing politics that I will ever manage, although that well be a magnificent illusion brought about by said wine. (This was after we saw Polly Toynbee and David Walker discuss their book on New Labour at the LSE. What’s sad, really, is how far away that government now seems. Just running through a huge list of what it did over those years – both good and bad – is almost nostalgic, especially given how many of its projects and schemes are now falling away to nothing. Sigh.)

Oh, and last weekend was lovely! Abbi and Paul’s engagement party on Saturday night – now a blur of very nice cocktails, drunken dancing and mysterious Italian dudes in my head. Best moment was when all of the men at the party had a collective urge to form a circle and dance/jump/spin to Brimful of Asha. We’re so cool. And then Sunday was spent at Oliver’s, scraping meals. (Honestly, you know that’s the case when even Abi has gone home and I’m still merrily helping myself to lasagne with his family…) Still, there’s nothing like the hospitality of others. Much love

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