Blogging stuff for many nights… like a blizzard

Things I haven’t blogged about: Heathers, Deathly Hallows, cousin Jamie visiting, The Infamous Sofa Incident (TM), debating Anthony Seldon, dinner with Matt and Caroline, Sarah’s fancy dress birthday party, the utter scandal of removing EMA and a very interesting history \ school chat with Marion. (I mean, obviously there are other things I haven’t blogged about. These are only the things I haven’t blogged about that are still in my calendar. Honestly, one day I will wake up and find that all the electricity is gone and as a result my life solely consists of what I can actually remember – although at that point, the crushing realisation that I won’t get to finish Mission In Snowdriftland again would probably make the rest of life feel a little superfluous anyway. Love that snowman.)

Probably just as well, really, since at the moment I’m liable to turn anything into a conversation about schools at the slightest provocation, which is great fun for me but risks terminal boredom for everyone else. Also, you should all probably wait and buy Melissa’s book next year instead. Yes!

Nostalgia corner: This was a very long time ago, wasn’t it?

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