Abbi and Munchkin

Click the link, see the kitten

So I figured what the Internet could do really do with was a picture of a kitten!

Abbi and Munchkin

Abbi and Munchkin

Also, ahem, let’s overlook that this was taken nearly two weeks ago. I’ve been a terrible blogger, and for this I apologise semi-sincerely, but I’ve been doing things! Political things, like delivering Labour letters through local letterboxes (try saying that five times) and helping out on a Kilburn high road walkabout with Ken. Family things – from lunches through teas and on to dinners – because naturally ‘family’ invariably means ‘food’ of some sort or another. And Tash left for a month in Thailand, about which I am now rather jealous. Also, reclining-in-a-deckchair-reading-Zadie-Smith-things.

These things, yes, and yet more things too. There was a highly enjoyable and curiously rowdy Geek Corner which went on until about 4am. I got in a pub outing with Emma before she leaves for New York. Grace and I discovered The Big Book of Racism ‘The World in Colour’: my dad’s 1966 worldwide survey spectacular. (Sample insight: “The French, perhaps one of the most civilised and artistic of all races, are descended from unruly, primitive Gauls…”) We all commenerated Elisabeth Sladen’s shockingly premature death by watching School Reunion together and then laughing heartily at K9 and Company. And let’s not forget that I managed to give blood without doing an embarrassing semi-fainting routine!

I also packed in two of my absolute favourite local(ish) nights: the type of places which give me a very happy Londoner glow. First, a long-awaited return to the Tricycle with mum to see Brontë: a play about the three famous sisters and their wayward brother Branwell. It featured scenes from both Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, so it turned out to have been good timing to have at least just read the latter. (Emily was depicted as being just about as, um, intense as her characters. She’s definitely not invited to my dead celebrity dinner party.) Second, on Thursday night I went for a fourth time to NewsRevue, this time with Grace, Oliver and Abi, where (*reaches for the cliché shelf*) a good time was had by all.

But, really, all of this ‘life’ stuff is just surface froth. Friends, family, love, laughter, even cute kittens? Mere diversions: baubles and trinkets to idle the time away until tonight. At the end of the day, only one thing really matters; only one thing really counts for anything at all. Doctor Who is back, guys

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Click the link, see the kitten

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  2. Abbi says:

    That kitten certainly looks pleased. I’m glad I was of service.

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