There is a mystery to you deep beneath the flesh! (Rock on, Moldova.)

I feel slightly disorganised at the minute, like I’m being tugged in multiple directions. There are even longer to-do lists taunting me than usual (and multiplying at a frightening rate) whilst I also feel like I haven’t seen Everyone In Ages. Yet this is nonsense. I’ve actually been rather productive, completing chunks of work for Melissa’s Schools Wars as well as for The Lexi & The Nomad. At the same time there have been plenty of fun things with lovely people, too. Cocktails last Wednesday with Caroline, Laura and my soul mate Matt (sorry, Laura) at a swankyish bar where Matt and I matched each other’s choices five times in a row and everyone else wondered if we needed some alone time. A recording of QI on Friday thanks to Jamie’s ticket generosity, which proved that Chris Addison is clearly auditioning to be the next Stephen Fry.

And, oh, Eurovision glory! Grace and I made it over to Joshua’s flat on Saturday evening for some delicious cooking (*tips hat to his mum*) and the kind of entertainment that only Moldova can bring. (They really should have won. We did vote for them. Three times.) Here’s a top tip for Eurovision: always try and watch it with an American who’s never seen it before, and there will be an extra layer of enjoyment simply in beholding the bewilderment. It also allows you to look really clever when it comes to the voting stages, confidentially predicting that yes, detailed calculations indicate that Cyprus will probably award twelve points to Greece this year. Tada. What insight.

This is all on top of numerous happy lunches, dinners, drinks, books, Doctor Who episodes and elections. OK, maybe not happy elections, but this was the first time that I’ve voted in the same polling station as my parents before, so it was a rite of passage. (Again. Think I’m squeezing about seven ‘rites of passages’ out of this voting business. It’s like being Klingon but without the pain sticks.*) And I’ve even found time to write the most-detailed-yet plan to revamp this site! Sure, it’s now about four years overdue, but at current projections Duke Mayhem Forever will still have taken longer.**

So there you go: I’ve talked myself into believing that all is fine. I will still feel happier once I have something vaguely full-time to demand my attention, though. Which is odd, because you’d have thought that would make me less happy with even less time to do all of the things I mean to do, but for some reason it doesn’t work like that.

In the meantime – if I’m being abominably slow in doing something that I’m supposed to be doing for you, I’m sorry. I’ll be freer when I’m less free.

* DaHjaj SuvwI’e’ jiH. tIgwIj Sa’angNIS. Iw bIQtIq jIjaH. Nerdiest reference this week.
** Before that one.

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There is a mystery to you deep beneath the flesh! (Rock on, Moldova.)

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