Rome, 2004

Filler, Films and Love

I’m heading into an especially boring blogging phase, I’m afraid. There will be things to write about soon, but not quite yet. Sorry about that. I guess I could say that The Grand Budapest Hotel was a great film – which enthused me with its suave, camp zest for the ridiculous – but you probably already knew that, because I’m about a month late here. Believe it or not, Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York is less good. (We’ve been on a bit of a binge of bad Netflix movies recently. There was also Miley Cyrus’s LOL, which did at least feature several fondly promotional shots of Chicago’s CTA.)

In the meantime, I do have some genuinely heartfelt gratitude to embarrass people with. Lots of people have been very kind to me over the last few weeks, but two in particular went so far beyond the requirements of friendship that I now owe them more than I do the Student Loans Company. Thank you, Cat Hurley and Susannah Belcher. You are both wonderful.

Did You Know?

This blog will be ten years old this month. Ten years ago I looked like this:

Rome, 2004

Rome, 2004

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Filler, Films and Love

  1. In which I declare my love for Cat Hurley and Susannah Belcher

    1. Michele says:

      <3 ^ 100

  2. When I first read this blog post title, I thought it was being dedicated to Filmer. My subject matter was back in vogue. Academic prestige beckoned again.

    You can imagine my disappointment.

  3. Filmer was never in vogue, Matt. Even at the time. All about Hobbes.

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