"Could I live in America?" - well, I'm about to find out...

Moving to Chicago

"Could I live in America?" - well, I'm about to find out...

“Could I live in America?” – well, I’m about to find out…

I was looking through my ‘little paper journal‘ from my Boston / California trip back in 2011, and found this scrap on the prospect of living in America. It’s a little reserved: by “I probably could” you should really read “hell, yeah!” – which is good news, because I am indeed moving to Chicago very soon to start a new role within Groupon.

This won’t be news to any of you, because ever since February I’ve been in the process of applying for the job, interviewing for the job, sorting out contracts, preparing to move out of our flat, finding somewhere to live, applying for a visa and organising a farewell party. (In case any Facebook refuseniks are reading this – it’ll be on Sunday, 8th June. Come along!) And although I’ve been holding off blogging about any of it – based on a superstitious fear that the whole enterprise would immediately unravel – I’m going to bite the bullet and say it. Assuming the US government doesn’t hold any great objection to me, I really will be moving to America 😀

And I’m impatient to get going.

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Moving to Chicago

  1. Woo! All the luck in the world. X

  2. Beware ! you will come to understand the meaning of the word “expatriot”

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