Isn't this beautiful?

First Days in Chicago

Isn't this beautiful?

Isn’t this beautiful?

Believe it or not, Chicago is beautiful and sunny right now. Hurray for summer!

Some random thoughts:

  • I am living with Nolan and Brett for a couple of months. Nolan and Brett are wonderful, and very tolerant of having to pause the TV every few seconds so some new aspect of Americana can be explained to me. They also showed me Wayne’s World.
  • I can literally watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report on TV. In the right timezone. This has been a long time coming.
  • Target is great.
  • Going to work with a bunch of people you already know makes for a very nice transition. On Friday night, I went to see Benno at the Art of Adaptation Festival in a cool little theatre with Grisel, Shelby, Jonathan and Agata. This was prefaced with Mexican food and followed by beer… so I’m having a good time.
  • At the same time, being new and uprooted is a great opportunity to do random things. Last night, I got talking to two random guys sitting outside a bar, and ended up in their back garden round a fire while they practised their country music on the banjo and the guitar. Onward for adventure.

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5 Comments on :
First Days in Chicago

  1. Have tons of fun! Chicago is lucky to have to start up random conversations.

  2. Believe it or not? Excuse me?

  3. reddalek says:

    “Oh Chicago, the windy city” “Chicago? Brr cold” “Dom you’re going to freeze” etc. etc.

  4. Yes but not in July. Your people have missed the part where if it’s not 40 degrees on Independence Day, we’re pretty sure hell froze over.

  5. Welcome Dominic. A very exciting decision. Enjoy the gorgeous weather now. July will begin the hot and humid. By the way, a great side trip is to go to Oak Park, where many architects have their building creations, including Frank Lloyd Wright. Streets are cobble stones and only wide enough for a horse and buggy. Lots of fun and very interesting. You are given a walking guide and it is so doable.

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