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Rollercoasters: I will always love you

Just home from Six Flags, a US chain of theme parks with one place not far from Chicago, which I had suggested as a great option for a work team outing. It turned out to be perfect timing, too, because this was also Jill’s last week at Groupon, and I can’t think of a better way to say goodbye than riding a load of rollercoasters together. (My favourite was Goliath, for the record.) I have always been spoilt in loving the people that I work with, but it must make all the difference in the world.

Team photo (Robert, Jill, Katie, me)

Team photo (Robert, Jill, Katie, me)

This week I also returned to Second City, making good on my vow from my first visit. This time we saw the main stage show – and each consumed a pitcher-worth of cocktails – which is an excellent recipe for any evening.

On Saturday I also made it to the Chicago Botanic Garden with Randi, It was a pretty British-style trip, actually: catch a train to somewhere with a tea room, and pretend you haven’t noticed that it’s just started raining. But I’m very glad I remembered the suggestion to go, because it was beautiful, and just a really lovely place to wander about. (I can’t say the same for the patch of suburbia around it, which makes crossing the road feel like an expedition through an alien landscape. Love the city, hate the strip mall.)

Botanic Garden

Botanic Garden

In other news:

  • I now have a rudimentary understanding of the rules of American football.
  • In return, I have begun to indoctrinate newbies into the wonder of Doctor Who.
  • UK timezones worked in my favour for once when it came to the Scottish referendum, because by the time I went to bed the result was pretty clear. Which was a relief, I’ll admit, but it’s pretty exciting that there’s still a head of steam for further devolution and constitutional reform. I hope both sides can end up feeling like winners in the end.

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