Randi, me, Robert, Marti, Luis and an anti-Soviet missile launching terminal

Loving repeating is one way of bowling

Set the clocks to BST, crack open a packet of digestive biscuits and start putting the letter U back into words where it belongs: I’m visiting home again!

Randi and I are flying to London tomorrow evening, which is inordinately exciting, because even the simplest things will make me happy. Like a toffee yoghurt. I haven’t had a toffee yoghurt in over a year, and that’s not cool. Before we leave, though, a few Chicago things:

  • It was Katie’s last week at work – a seriously sad development, tempered by envy/admiration/longing for her move to New York. (New York! Almost as good as London!) Her farewell party was at Parrots, which I hope I can call a ‘dive bar’ while conveying great affection. Was great to see a bunch of people – Katie has always been great at bringing well-matched friends together – including Aaron from Groupon days gone by. We’ll miss you, Katie 😎
  • Our second Common Room play this month: Loving Repeating, a musical based on the life of Gertrude Stein and her relationship with Alice B. Toklas. I had zero idea who Gertrude Stein was, but brushed up in advance (American, lived in Paris, collected art, wrote, didn’t like commas) and enjoyed the production. I mean, it wasn’t my normal arena of interest, but they did a good job incorporating what was distinctive about Stein’s written style into the fabric of the music itself.  Also, someone at Common Room tipped us all off that cows = orgasms, and it’s damned helpful to have metaphors pointed out in advance. (I mean that entirely sincerely.)
  • We failed to go mini golfing with Todd and Carolyn. In fairness, it was approximately eight thousand degrees outside. So we stayed in and ate pizza and played Fibbage instead. Fair?
  • We did manage to go drinking with Ellen and Kannan, swapping our favourite podcasts and evangelising Kindles. We are cool beyond measure.
Randi, me, Robert, Marti, Luis and an anti-Soviet missile launching terminal

Randi, me, Robert, Marti, Luis and an anti-Soviet missile launching terminal

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Loving repeating is one way of bowling

  1. I didn’t know Randi was coming. I am now EVEN MORE EXCITED that we get to meet her!!!

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