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The Railcar

The Railcar

Last weekend, Randi and I turned up to play The Railcar: an escape room adventure which was an inspired Christmas present for us from Tash. We didn’t escape the train – we got really close! – but we did succeed in saving the city of Chicago from certain disaster. And our friendly team of strangers proved pleasingly competent too. If this blog’s existing stream of escape room testimonials haven’t persuaded you to try one yet, then this is also highly recommended.

In other “people just give us tickets to stuff now” news, our first theatre trip of 2016 was Bruise Easy (thank you, Grace!), a play about two separated siblings who share an awkward reunion in Southern California. After my lovely Christmas in Malibu, this provided a much-needed corrective by insisting that all families there are really deeply miserable. To repay Grace’s generosity I invited her and Kevin round to catch up and enjoy Abbi’s sweet potato cottage pie (so deceptively easy the last time I made it) and promptly risked all our lives by using outdated vegetable broth. Maybe the gifts will stop once people learn how I repay them.

I blame Emily’s blog for inciting wanderlust, so I’ve spent the rest of my spare time so far this year sitting indoors booking trains, planes and snowmobiles…

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    1. We didn’t realise until it was very much in the pan with the rest of the unexpired food 🙁

    2. On the plus side we totally succeeded in cooking your Mexican bake the night before!

    3. Success! Glad you enjoyed it!

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