BBCi upstaged by fire

I had just been tipped off about BBCi’s new look on Freeview, a much nicer, prettier interface for their digital text services. And then it turns out that my road is on fire. Or, it could be a bit further away, we’re not sure. But wow, big flames – the whole family was watching from the attic window. (It’s like a big family ‘come together in times of pretend crisis’ time.)

And then the fire engines came and put it out. So now it’s back to BBCi.

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BBCi upstaged by fire

  1. Dominic says:

    P.S. Screenshots of BBCi at

    Kev’s site is always the best for Freeview screenshots.

  2. Rob_Somerset says:

    Yeah, the new BBCi Looks good and is easier to use and read!

  3. Lil_Angel says:

    Hey………….whats the big deal about BBCi is anyway?

  4. Dominic says:

    BBCi is like the replacement for CEEFAX (Teletext) on digital TV. Freeview users have been waiting for this revamp for ages. When designed well it’s quite useful, you can read the latest news headlines or entertainment stories while keeping the TV picture in quarter-sized mode, for example.

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