I want this CD



Thank you, that will be all.

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I want this CD

  1. Josie says:

    ha its great. who ever took that photo is pretty darn cool!

  2. yuna aka lemis says:

    Oh my gosh! BOTHER! IT looked soo real to me! I checked it on hmv! and it wasnt there! lool silly me!

  3. senor smoke-s robs mate says:

    eh eh eh i never knew dom wud listen to music with such bad words in!

    go to your room, no dalek woffles tonight!

  4. Andy Kings says:

    Fame, at last.

  5. Gemzy duh. says:

    I would just by it for the cover lmao xxx

  6. Rob says:

    Out in stores when?

  7. Jake says:

    Does it have Nic Parkes doin abit of rap? lol

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