Kid Power

I picked up an inflatable hammer from the school’s summer fair on Saturday (lucky dip) which proudly proclaims ‘Kid Power’. Never would I have guessed that his would soon be David Cameron’s policy platform. He’s starting to annoy me a bit now, actually. Pretty soon he’ll be quoting Marx. That’s not to say what he said was necessarily wrong but it just all smacks of the kid at the back of the class who’s flunked three general elections and is now copying desperately from the textbook to pass the next one.

On Saturday I also bugged Robert to introduce the famous Tanysha to the gang, who is deserving of a shout out (howdy) in an effort to show what nice people we are. Oh OK, my real motive is… I don’t have a real motive because we really are nice people

The other half of the weekend I spent in Suffolk with dad, seeing grandparents and exploring graveyards and countrysidey walks and such. I thought we were all cultured in the car on the way back with Mozart on his mix tape, until it changed to ABBA, in a perfect example of what my English teacher would term bathos

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Kid Power

  1. Tanysha says:

    Yea u guys didnt scare me dat much lol

  2. Lucy says:

    Oh well done, you spelt Mozart right this time.

  3. Andy Kings says:

    Hug a hoodie, Dom. Embrace the chav scum

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