A note about Messenger Plus and spyware

As you can see from my site, Patchou’s Messenger Plus is one of my favourite freeware apps. As a new version comes out, I thought I’d say a few words on the rumour regarding malware bundled with it.

When you install Messenger Plus, a free add on to Windows and MSN Messenger, you are presented with the choice to install an OPTIONAL sponsor program. It’s from C2Media (boo! hiss!) but, as far as I have read, only installs advertising features – no spyware. I don’t know, I’ve never installed it.

In the install screen, you are presented with a big picture of the toolbar, the words ‘Sponsor from C2Media’ in bold letters, and a choice of either “I accept…” or “I refuse…”

Neither option is selected for you. However, even if you do accidentally install it, simply uninstall Msg Plus and then reinstall without the sponsor. Nothing is left behind.

Messenger Plus! is free, and I respect the fact that it’s basically one guy’s work and he puts a lot of time and energy into it. Spreading round rubbish like ‘Messenger Plus is infested with spyware’ is basically libel, especially when Patchou is very approachable – you can chat to him via the forum on his site.

So that’s it really. Messenger Plus is great – and it’s clean. Just remember to read it!

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