Right, here we go again… [sobs]

“Dom was the person I thought took the best to blogging, but he seems to have tailed-off recently. Maybe it’s the weather, whatever, it’s over to pictorial blogs for some!”

TAILED OFF? Right, that’s the best incentive I ever heard to get back blogging. I do wish Blogger had categories though

The US Election is close, only 9 days now. I can’t stress enough how important it is to the whole world that Bush loses (he can lose to a dead dormouse for all I care.) I recently read a really stupid article in The Times by some woman who, despite being a life-long Democrat, was voting Bush. And why, pray tell? “Cause the terrorists would want Kerry to win.”

Bullshit! The terrorists would want BUSH, someone to pit the US against the world, someone to hate, someone to get fired up about. And if there’s one thing I’ve learnt about Kerry recently, it’s that he doesn’t seem to get many people fired up. Perfect

Talking of which, be sure to catch ‘The Power of Nightmares’ on Wednesdays, BBC2. Yeah, we all know fear (duh) is used to control us (double duh) but it’s nice to see it spelt out every so often. And it’s GREAT to see ‘Have I Got News For You’ back, the Andrew Marr episode was great on Friday. Oh, plus ‘The Corporation’ is finally out in cinemas here now-ish. Another must-see for me.

My GCSE ICT Coursework – a Database – now kicks some serious ass. Honestly, it’s beautiful and it runs on the Desktop (kinda) without an ugly Access window. Worryingly, I’ve stayed up to 3am working on it. On more than one occasion. Yikes.

And now, a more serious note. It’s been on my mind a lot over the last few days. Robert Symons – a teacher at my school – was murdered defending his family and property from burglars recently (more news here). I really didn’t want to seem to be trivialising it on a blog, but now I think he deserves to be remembered, even by those who hardly knew him. Robert Symons, you will be missed.

So, is that post long enough for ya Nic? Might as well please my only reader!

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    OK, that’s very weird. Now it seems to have decided to post my original. Umm – just play spot the difference or something.

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