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Dom was the person I thought took the best to blogging, but he seems to have tailed-off recently. Maybe it’s the weather, whatever, it’s over to pictorial blogs for some!

Right, that’s it. I don’t think there can be any more incentive than that – let’s get back blogging! Damn, I wish Blogger had categories though…

US Election is soon. Very soon – just 9 days to go. I can’t stress enough how the world needs Kerry to pull this one off. I read a really stupid article by an American woman recently who was a life-long Democrat but would be voting for Bush “cause the terrorists would want Kerry to win.” Yeah, right, the terrorists want someone to hate! They want someone who will get them fired up! And if there’s one thing I’ve learnt about Kerry it’s that he doesn’t exactly get people fired up. Just what we need

Talking of which, be sure to catch ‘The Power of Nightmares’ on Wednesdays, BBC2. Fear (duh) is used to control us (double duh.) But good to see it spelt out. Also – GREAT to see Have I Got News For You back on our screens. And ‘The Corporation’ film is also out in cinemas which is another must-see for me.

One reason the blogging has been slow recently is due to this. A few days ago, a teacher at my school was stabbed to death defending his home and family from burglars. I wasn’t really sure if I should mention it here, but it’s a loss worth remembering. Robert Symons, you will be sorely missed.

Of course, it then makes it hard to move on and talk about lighter things. However, my Database Coursework for ICT now kicks some serious ass. I’ve stayed up to 3am working on it on more than one occasion [worried]

So Nic, long enough post for ya? Might as well keep my one reader happy!

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