Mr. Cooper, the system admin at school

Mr. Cooper caught on camera

Mr. Cooper, the system admin at school

Not the most flattering pose either! But haha, meet Mr. Cooper, the systems admin at school. He’s nicer than he looks

What happened today? Oh, how could I forget. THE TORIES CAME FOURTH! Oh, I was laughing heartily for a loooong time after I heard that. That’s right, the ‘official opposition’ came in fourth place in the Hartlepool by-election, despite a government that is in deep shit over Iraq. Serves you right, bunch of Thatcher’s loonies you. Shame.

“There is no point pretending otherwise. It is a blow,” said Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary David Willetts.

Nicholas Soames, the shadow defence secretary, was more honest.

“A fucking awful result.”

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