Interviewing Sarah Teather

I had the opportunity, along with Tara Stroud, of interviewing Sarah Teather today, Liberal Democrat MP for my area – Brent East.

It was a very interesting and wide-ranging conversation, of which only a portion will be fitted into the local newspaper project I’m currently involved in via the school. I won’t post many spoilers here, but I can settle one issue straight away – Sarah Teather will not be launching a blog! Awww, yes I know, but she’s an honest person who is not afraid of answering any question which is thrown at her.

(A Tory-supporter on MSN who I know recently had as his nickname, in block capitals, GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK HEADS, THE LIB DEMS WILL NOT BECOME THE OFFICIAL OPPOSITION! I guess anger usually goes hand in hand with denial, hmmm? )

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