SHOUT OUT – The randomism crew!

This blog is officially dedicated to Kareem, Joshua, Jason and everyone else at QPCS who has embraced randomism in a huge, heart-felt way, and requested a shout out in this here blog. Go random things, like leather trousers and eating scorpions!
(Don’t ask, just don’t.)

I’m also exhausted at pumping out yet more coursework (History is the culprit tonight) and having… SHOCK HORROR… run out of printer ink! Ah well, the role of women in World War Two looks so much better when it’s faded ink on the page, don’t ya think? No, neither do I. It’s the tiredness talking.

In IT news today, you will no longer be able to check your Hotmail from Outlook or Outlook Express without paying, which makes be even more glad I moved off that rubbish system ages ago. Could it be anything perhaps to do with the fact that you only get the ads via Well, they claim it’s to stop spammers, apparently. Judge for yourself.

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