Blunkett is gone!

Christmas comes but once a year, and this season we’re getting some special gifts a little early. David Blunkett has gone. David ‘Police State’ Blunkett is out.

Now, let’s be fair. I respect Blunkett because he believes in what he is doing, and it seems that he really hasn’t done anything wrong. It’s the best way for him to go – the door is firmly closed but he hasn’t left in disgrace. There’s a huge feeling of sympathy for the man, and that’s good.

But, change in the Home Office is much needed. David Blunkett has been obsessed with chasing headlines and seeing just how far he can go to annoy civil rights groups. The holding of prisoners at Belmarsh without trial is a low point for British dignity. And we all know the real reason Blunkett has gone – it’s nothing to do with visas or nannies and everything to do with the bizare slagging of his colleagues.

It’s doubly good that Blunkett is out because now Charles Clarke can take his place. The man who keeps pushing City Academies [spits on floor] can now go and be ‘the hard man’ where we need one – in the Home Office. Yes, you read that right, we need a toughie to take on the misery of crime that affects the worst off in this country. (Oh, and ever since he put Prince Charles in his place, I’ve always had a soft spot for Clarke.)

So – things get interesting (again) – for one thing, I wonder how this affects Blair? Only time will tell… along with the journalists, columnists and bloggers, of course. But don’t listen to them. They’re just happy it’s Christmas.

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