Have I Got News For You

Have I Got News For You with Ronnie Corbett

Well, tonight was the last in the series (I presume) – it’s back ‘in the new year’.

Have I Got News For You

We’ll see, of course, but it looks like the BBC have made the guest presenter arrangement permanent. It keeps the programme very fresh in my opinion. A new host would always appeal to some of the audience more than others, so why not have a mixture?

Why, by the way, are there so few sites dedicated to HIGNFY? I mean, look at the Yahoo Directory listing, it’s pathetic. Martyn Alner is about the only guy to have made anything. Sigh, I might have to do it myself sometime.

I suppose everyone has their own dream candidate to host a show. Personally, I’d love to see Jon Stewart, who seems to work his way into a scarily large number of my blog posts at the moment. Angus Deayton also needs a come back, maybe as a guest? In fantasy land now, but imagine Blair? Maybe when he resigns over Iraq he’ll consider it… (Told you I was in fantasy land.)

Christmas TV looks especially dire this year to be honest. At least we got The Office Christmas Specials last time, although Dead Ringers has been on a real high recently and so their show should be worth watching at least.

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