Where have I been?

The answer – Mock GCSEs and setting up TARDIS (more on that, later…)

Monday kicked off with English 1 – aka “A little bit of comprehension followed by a newspaper article.” Not too difficult, but my hand had forgotten what it’s like to write 10 sides of A4 in 90 minutes or so. (Painful – why can’t we type it??? Why?!?)

On Tuesday there was Science, which was OK for the bits we had already been taught. The rest was kinda tricky, as you’d imagine. And I screwed up on a question on Forces, which I know I won’t be able to live down for a while. Force = Mass * Acceleration? Oh yeah! [Me idiot]
Wednesday brought us the delights of Higher Tier Maths, which is apparently strong enough to bring some people to tears. I didn’t go that far (years of repressed emotions) but I did get annoyed at the obvious mistake in the paper, where they’d printed £2,400 when it should obviously have been £400. Yup, the board is Edexcel, how did you guess?

In the afternoon I had Spanish Listening and Reading, which I am not looking forward to seeing the results of. I don’t think I totally flopped, but it wasn’t pretty. *Top Spanish Fact* : Vino = Wine.

And finally, today was English 2, or “The One with the Poetry.” But hey, comparing a poem about South Afica and one about Vietnam can’t be that bad, can it? Plus I got to chose the ‘descriptive writing’ option, which unfortunately can’t be a blog post or I’d pass that exam no problem.

So, that’s my exam news so far. Tomorrow is Humanities, which means I’ve got to drag the whole Easer story out of my brain for the RE section. [shudders] Doing compulsory national exams in RE is so incredibly stupid, it’s like doing nation exams in memorising Harry Potter word-by-word. It’s fiction guys!

OK then, so what about TARDIS that I mentioned right at the start of this post? It’s the only reason you’ve read this far, right? Well – sorry. I’m tired of typing. A post on TARDIS (What is it? What can it do? Why do I have it? Can you eat it?) is on the way, later.

For now, cya.

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