At last!

Creationists lose round in textbook sticker fight

the school board has been ordered to remove the stickers immediately

This is what worries me. Remove them – how? You might damage the book cover! And who is going to remove them exactly? The same crack team of sticker-people who put them on in the first place? They better get going, they’ve got to do it ‘immediately’ – which means NOW, people! (Are you allowed to use your fingernails to peel them off? It’s a tough call.)

In case you can’t remember or couldn’t be bothered to click on the link, this was the infamous ‘evolution is just a theory’ sticker in Georgia’s science books. Some people objected to the truth – preferring the ‘alternate idea’, also known as a lie, of ‘intelligent design’. If there really was an intelligent designer, he would have marked the science books in permanent ink or something, rather than a lousy sticker.

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At last!

  1. Alex Newman says:

    How stupid.
    Well, it is georgia. But how can you ask people to put a sticker in a science textbook that says "this may not be true, we may have been created in a puff of smoke"

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