Tired, stressed and with a headache

That’s how I went to school today. I’ve realised that it’s the only way to get better – just get up, grit your teeth and get on with the day. The minute you decide to lie in bed all day you could be out for a week.

And I really don’t have a week to spare. My current TODO list has 11 items on it, and that’s a conservative estimate. I’ve got an MCP 70-270 exam on Friday (eek!) and I need to cram my head with Windows XP knowledge before that.

Oh, and one more thing. I am not going on the Eton summer school visit. I don’t care if the people are lovely, or if we get free tea and biscuits, I am not losing a week of my life to go visit Prince Harry’s friends. If they’re really desperate to meet real people, why not come down to London for the day? Better not – email me instead.

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Tired, stressed and with a headache

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