Jerry Springer : The Opera

No, I didn’t watch it. I was too busy working on Spotlight Cinema. But I am proud of the BBC for sticking to their guns on this, unlike the disgusting Popetown incident. Religious fanatics are on a high right now, aided by Mary Whitehouse’s censorship cronies who still believe we should all pray before bedtime and blush when someone mentions a dirty word.

The majority of Christians realise that the Jerry Springer opera is a parody, or don’t care and don’t watch. The bullies who cheated the complaints system before it was even shown are the ultimate in arrogance. They believe that, if they don’t like the sound a programme before it has even been shown, they can deny anyone else the right to see it.

I hope they do prosecute the BBC. Hopefully that will prompt the government to repeal the idiotic blasphemy and replace them for a law against being a lying bully who stamps on other people’s freedom to advance their own selfish ego. (For the record, I don’t have a problem with banning incitement to religious hatred, as long as it’s worded correctly.)

Well, that got that out of my system. Now I must sleep, so that I will have enough strength tomorrow to carry my 10-tonne bag to school.

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