Invisible Word Counts

I was told today that I write as I speak. Not sure if it was a compliment or an insult, but there you go, it’s made me all self-conscious and I’m spell-checking everything. Anyway…

Another thing I was told today came from my History teacher who kindly informed us, five minutes before the end of the lesson, that the two pieces of coursework we had been working on since, oh I don’t know, June, could only be 1,500 words long each. Now I just ran a word count, and I’m at 2,744 and 5,500 words. Not good. And before you start blaming me for waffling on, I’ve actually got to put more detail into some of them! Writing to a word count is a necessary skill, writing to a word count you don’t know about is not.

How many marks would they really knock off in practice? I think I’ll just take my chances to be honest – it would be impossible for me to hack them down and not lose marks anyway. Maybe I’ll put on my CV: “Main Weakness – Doing too much work.”

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