Oh Glorious INSET

Where I did precisely – no work. To be followed tomorrow by ‘Enterprise Day’ and then 6th Form Open Evening. Sounds like, um, fun? Meanwhile I have discovered how useful Outlook 2003’s ‘Task Pane’ is for writing down a To-Do list and then forgetting about it.

But let’s move on. I now have to write an article entitled “Why young people should be interested in politics.” Or something along those lines – a bit snappier perhaps. The problem is I’m not even sure that young people should be interested in politics. Especially when the most basic reform hasn’t even been carried out yet. I’m not even talking policies here – why can’t we have a Parliament where all the MPs can sit down? Why can’t they vote electronically, like all normal countries do, instead of shouting and then barging through an undersized corridor?

Then again, I got the second Have I Got News For You CD set yesterday, which certainly makes politics more fun – especially when you get to hear Kilroy being ripped apart.

And finally, I’ve started reporting known comment spammers to ISPs. Won’t really accomplish much, but if everybody kept them on the run, they’d be out of a job.

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2 Comments on :
Oh Glorious INSET

  1. Alex Newman says:

    You made a small typo:
    “Why young people should be interesting in politics.”
    i think it should be interested

  2. Red Dalek says:


    Corrected – but to be fair, I think young people should be interesting as well as interested!


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