I can breathe!

Today was supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, and it certainly started off that way. Walking to school in the freezing cold, a Science test from 1997 (with little-to-no relevance to our current syllabus) and suddenly I find myself unable to write or spell. Great.

But the wheel started to turn in History where, get this, our teacher was smiling! You can’t imagine what an achievement this is. And not only that, but homework deadlines magically get extended to tomorrow. In English we did lots of nice talking and listening, and no writing. And then both my MCP exam and Maths coursework get their deadlines pushed back too. Woo hay! I can breathe!

And despite the rain and the snow (which didn’t stick around long) it turned out to be a pretty good Monday 24th. And blocking the IP address of a nasty comment spammer was fun too. The mark of the beast isn’t 666, it’s

Oh, and the BBC are re-launching their wonderful Radio player tomorrow. Miss it, miss out! (Random fact – I remember when MIMO was Live and Kicking’s slogan, and would be repeated endlessly at school.)

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