Jamster – Guess who owns them?

Jamster, the incredibly annoying company that advertises that stupid ‘Crazy Frog’ every 2 minutes on music TV channels, are 100% owned by… Verisign.

Taking my hatred to a whole new level. Let’s hope the .net domain gets awarded to someone else.

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Jamster – Guess who owns them?

  1. Rob says:

    Bloody Jamster! Their ad’s paratically take over the Music channels!
    Anyway, gimie a menchion somewhere on your blog posts’, because i feel needed

  2. Crusader42 and a 1/2 says:

    I luv Crazy Frog!!

  3. Kazza says:

    Jamster ads are the most annoying, they seem to be able to find the most dreadful noises in the world.

    They also CHARGE you approx £1.00 when THEY send YOU a message that you did not authorise!!!

    Very bad company, keep clear

  4. Red Dalek says:

    Good to see them taking a tough line – hopefully others will follow. Jamster sucks, just like Verisign.

  5. Chr1S says:

    This problem is global! Intervention required!


  6. Shazza Sheep says:

    Has anybody managed to get a refund from Jamster for the txt messages they keep sending and charging us for!!

    More to the point has anybody actually manged to get through to a human being on the Jamster Helpline!!!!!!!!

    I’m a very annoyed with them!

  7. Red Dalek says:

    Remember – the STOP command should work for all companies. Except the lying, cheating ones… um – good luck!

  8. Josh Jacobs says:

    Jamster sucks: jamstersucks.com

  9. I hate Jamster says:

    Can someone please just hack those motherfuckers already!

  10. Sarah h8s Jamster says:

    Kazzza ur soo rite tha same thing happens to me it charges me £6!!!! PLz someone tell me how to stop it i aint tha tha fussed bout tha refund but it wud b gd plz sum1 help me i’m onli 12 lol

  11. Sarah h8s Jamster says:

    shazza n kazza ur soo ryt it appens 2 me loads but wen THEY send ME texts its cost me 6 bludddy pound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Brendan says:

    does ne1 know how to bloody unsubscribe? im so fkn pissd off ive wasted lyk 20 dollars on nothing and the bills keep coming in!!!

  13. oddjob says:

    OMG I hate them,They have been sued for false advertising and even a petition against Verisign(Jamster) has been made.
    GO HERE NOW!!! http://www.petitiononline.com/0wnj4m/petition.html

  14. STRIKER 05 says:

    to those people who are having prob with jamster, i guess you wont be having those probs if you only read the text messages that they send and if you read first their ads before you go for that. i had called them once and their customer service rep even gave free ringtones and games after closing my account. of course it will keep on charging you if you don’t STOP it because it is a SUBSCRIPTION PLAN…

  15. silentDrifter says:

    ive read all the bloody posts in here… and so far, only the post made by striker_05 made sense… everybody elsi is sooooo DUMB to ever get themselves into sumthin that they can’t even understand… poor morons…

  16. silentDrifter says:


  17. xpjcx says:

    i hate jamster u always get these txts off them on ya fone and it takes all ur credit its a pile of wank

  18. Kman says:

    Actually, Jamster terms and conditions are stated clearly. Those who order, and only those who order are charged. Morons out there that are looking for wallpapers and ringtones for their phones have to oblige the contract in which they enter. As far as the ads, my only advice is too get off your lazy asses and stop watching so much TV…MTV, VH1 are annoying enough….channels make their money by paid advertisements, it doesnt matter what you think…you are not paying the bills.

  19. Kennyk says:

    All well and good Kman, but what about those that DON’T sign up for the service and receive unsolicited messages? And those ads are just SO annoying…

  20. vicki says:

    i also had jamster annoying me for months took about £30 credit but finally after phonin my mobile oprator got this number 08701217397 terminated having anything to do with the company. im gonna forget about my refund cuz theyll proably get my number again and keep annoying me

  21. Adam says:

    Ive not bought anything off Jamster because I HATE everything they do. There ads are just everywhere…u cant watch tv without sweety the chick slowly destroying your brain and crazy frog wanting you to throw something at your tv.

    I want jamster to just die!! along with that flamin bird and the stupid frog!

  22. Me says:

    Fuck you. Fuck your ringtones. I hate the crazy frog. I refuse to watch any jamster advertisement. I will never buy a jamster ringtone. Destroy Jamster forever. Ban all jamster ads. For fucks sake there are jamster ads on all UK commercial channels now, I cannot stand it. Thank goodness for the BBC since they are not funded by advertisements.

    I want jamster to just fucking die!! along with that flamin bird and the stupid frog!

    Kill Jamster. Good riddance to Jamster.

  23. Mikey says:

    i have to agree with u all, that fuckin frog is taking over our screens twice in the same comercial time; its hellish!!!
    I want to see jamster.co.uk setroyed with viruses!!! FUCKERS!!!!

  24. Ed says:

    To be fair, if you though the ‘crazy frog’ seemed like a great ringtone to download, I don’t have much sympathy with you. People who download from them are only making it worse, and their ads will continue.

  25. Sxc says:

    The small print is WHITE with a pale background so how you sposed to read small print?
    I hate that chick he shud be on a plate with gravy n instant mash

  26. drew says:

    have you read jamster terms and cons!
    well there mammoth,i mean go -on and on.
    still where did this verisign bit come from it states they are a service of ilove
    germany(at bottom of t&c,s.so verisign or some german invasion.(AND IM NOT RACIST)

  27. Red Dalek says:

    If you click the link at the very top of this page it says:

    "Jamster! is 100% owned by Versign." And also:


    " Jamster!, part of the VeriSign, Inc. family"

  28. maria says:

    hi i just found this website and i agree with most of things people are saying on it i orded a normal ringtone that costed £4 and then they sent me a text that costed £3

  29. Linkmaster says:


    but most importantly


  30. Sarah says:

    In the process of trying to get £12 refund for ringtones NOT requested. Have now cancelled, and received confirmation of cancellation dated prior to dates of £12 sms’s. I try to call their 0870 number – more £ to them, but can never get to speak to a person and they cut me off telling me to try again later! BEWARE – NEVER ever subscribe for anything ‘free’ and never buy a second hand SIM card! (Does anyone know a non 0870 number to get hold of Jamster on)?

  31. Red Dalek says:

    Try emailing info@jamster.co.uk, and failing that try Trading Standards or ICSTIS (premium rate regulator) – charging for ringtones that have not been requested is, of course, illegal.

  32. ur worst nightmare says:

    jamster is fucking shit i just thought i wood get a ‘free’ ringtone of axel f and it cost me £9.50 and i neva got a thing they are [rather annoying old chap]. im skint now i wont 2 kill them

    [Admin edit – sorry but I gotta be consistent!]

  33. Ban Jamster says:

    anyone who pays jamster for anything must be as stupid as the ads themselves, i like the frog, but jeeez they know how to ruin it by putting it on every advert going, adding music, whats gonna be next, the crazy frog movie, PEOPLE, stop giving jamster any money and they will go away. scrap mobile phones and get your brains in order. have fun peeps. ~(_8-(())

  34. All i can say is, FUCK OFF JAMSTER, anyone who spends money on that shite, should have their mobile phone shoved right up their rectum. If you spend money on CRAPSTER, you’re as bad as they are. WAKE UP PEOPLE, YOU’RE BEING RIPPED OFF FOR FUCKS SAKE…

  35. MakerOfFreePhoneShit says:

    Lol the way to go is this. Jamster use OTHER peoples work (with permission) for their ringtones and etc. i found the source of quite a lot of them and made my own ringtones. if jamster are too cheap to come up with their own ideas then just do what they did. use others!

  36. Anonymous says:


    Enough said.

  37. spiral880 says:

    i am only young and i am doing a project for school-it could be on any topic and as soon as we heard that all my goup said BAN DA BLUDY RINGTONES!!!!!!!

  38. 02marren says:

    Hey can someone invent like crazy frog screaming we’re making a music video at school (literly) I don’t even know what he’ll sound like! lol, the tune in the background is alright but it’s that annoying frog sound which will really help me make a music video anyone goin to have a go trying? O and some of the clips some people make(against jamster) are most hilarious want to see examples it might get you started!
    Yes i know it’s not the crazy frog but it still insulting Jamster!lol!

  39. lubi lu says:

    Aaaahhh how do u stop them sendin the texts its realy annoyin and i cnt keep puttin money on mi phone after its taken it!!???

  40. Red Dalek says:

    Reply with the message STOP

  41. Lorna says:

    " I can`t beleive these company`s including JAMSTER & THE MOB,( to name but a few ) are allowed to steal from your personal accounts, the only thing I would suggest is, don`t bother trying to send these so-called STOP & STOP ALL messages, as the only thing that will happen is you will also incur more charges to your next bill and you get no help whatsoever from the telephone company in order to stop these theives". " one very upset and peeeeedd off ex-t-mobile customer"

  42. zac says:

    jamster state that it is £3 a week in the terms and cons, and they also say how to stop, but what they dont say is that evry text they give u, (about five for evry download) costs £1.50, evry1 sticking up for them is a weener

  43. Sparky says:


  44. danny says:

    jamster has taken £50 of me in the last week dicks!!!!! does any1 know what the num is to text stop to

  45. Red Dalek says:

    From the Jamster website:

    "Unsubscribe: text stop to 88888"

  46. darth hamburger says:

    A few months after I got my phone I happened to notice there was this 6$ charge on a day i didnt use my phone. further investigation showed it had been happening every month on the same day. Jamster was leeching off my account. I had never sent them text messages, i never downloaded anything from anywhere, i never used the damn phone. i had never even heard of them before. I emailed them and told them if they didnt refund me i would report it as fraud, to which they replied
    "Subject: RE: Refund

    Hi and thanks for your e-mail.
    We are writing to confirm the immediate cancellation of your plan.
    Please be aware that the charges may appear on your next cell phone bill
    because the cell phone carriers issue bills from the previous months.
    We are sorry that you were unhappy with our services. Of course we are
    prepared to refund our charges.
    Unfortunately, this is only possible by post at the moment, so we would
    like you to give us your full postal address and name.
    Please be aware that we are offering the refund out of goodwill and are not
    recognizing any statutory duty.
    It may take up to 20 business days to process the refund once we have
    received your details. Please refrain from contacting our customer support
    during this time.
    Kind regards,
    Your Customer Support"

    Of course I never got my refund.
    they are rot scum sucking lampreys , I would rather of had my 18$ spent on dog crap to be dumped on my head than let them aquire any of my resources. not everyone who gets screwed by them is an idiot that signed up for their "service"

  47. me says:

    file your jamster complaint here
    a small effort bring the parasites to justice.

  48. JamSmasherD says:

    I hate them! They made me broke on my girlfriends birthday because my credit card was empty after they sucked my pockets! Basterds! I hate them!

  49. kate allsopp says:

  50. kasey says:

    i h8 fucking jamsta!!
    i jus lost bout $50 credit!!
    and now i cant even call them cuz i cant find a fucking numba!!
    i h8 it!!
    its a scam

  51. jonny gator says:

    just been robbed by jamster. 6 texts sent at 1.50 a go for nothing. stay away from these robbin bastards!!!!!!

  52. woody says:

    If your retarded enough to sign up to their shitty service then you deserve to lose your money I’m afraid. Jamster pray on idiots, thats how they keep in business… Why on earth anyone would buy a ringtone when you can just put one on your phone yourself via a transfer cable is beyond me…

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