Tory Posters

Nic has discovered a wonderful thing about these new Conservative posters – they’re incredibly easy to parody. I have my own suggestions…

“Who the hell decided to contract out NHS cleaners in the first place?”

“I’m bored of economic stability – let’s have some excitement with a recession!”

“Where the f**k did I put my keys?”

Conservatives – are you thinking what we’re thinking?

(Some people think this is all just irrelevant negative campaigning using nonsensical slogans to make irrational points. They claim that it would be better to discuss the real issues that affect this country, and even the whole of humanity, rather than dirty mudslinging. No one is going to listen to them until they think up a logo though.)

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Tory Posters

  1. Crusader42 and a 1/2 says:

    Lol thats the funniest poster i’ve seen all my life

  2. Mr X says:

    Wrong on point two. The Tories inherited a recession caused by 30 years of command economy rule in 1979. The result was the recovery of the recession. You certainly can tax high profits; but when no one is making any money there is no wealth left to redistribute.

    If you actually read the figures, our economy wasn’t the best no, but it was by far NOT the worst.

    Not that I’m anti-Labour either. They are doing a great job. But even still, they aren’t the same Labour from 1979. New Labour remind me of the Conservatives of the 80’s more and more each week.

    No wonder they are so easy to kill off; Labour have their manifesto.

  3. Ms.Xenathis says:

    Ummm LABOUR ARE DOING A GOOD JOB… What X world r u living in??

  4. Red Dalek says:

    Maybe a world with a strong economy, a minimum wage and record investment in public services? Not to mention some great ‘side issues’ – civil partnerships, London Mayor, action on Third World debt…

    Don’t get me wrong – Iraq was a huge and horrible mistake which tends to overshadow things a bit.

  5. Y.H says:

    cough cough Awkward silence as the over shadow covers the whole sun… !!!Cru421/2 13@college!!

  6. Y.H says:

    Ken Livingston is a prat

  7. Big_Bro_Man says:

    Red Dalek – your spot on. Only reason I can bring myself to like Tony Blair so much just now is well, he looks like the Tory that got away – even Howard has stated when he seen him, if he leads Labour, he’ll get into power – for he looks and talks like a Tory.

    How correct he was…..

    All good things must come to an end though, and I dread the next guy.

  8. Big Dave says:

    How anyone can claim labour are doing a fine job is beyond me. Unless you like being over taxed and lied to of course. Nothing the Labour party say can be trusted they are all liars and as for Blair, He is the worst. Nothing he says can be trusted, he’s fiddled every statisitc he possibly can to make himself look good. This country is a wreck thanks to Labour I can’t even begin to list all the problems they’ve casued. Just becase President Tone stands up and tells us that everything is so perfect every week.

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