Ofcom letter

Oh look, a letter about a letter

From the delightful Ofcom:

Ofcom letter

This was about the awful five ‘Top Up TV’ pop-up ad that appeared over programmes last year. If they don’t uphold my complaint, I’ll eat my hat…

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9 Comments on :
Oh look, a letter about a letter

  1. Rob says:

    Well, good that they replied anyway, that’s a start.
    "Thank you for your patience" – Tough for those who don’t have any!

  2. Crusader42 and a 1/2 says:

    Well done and say congrats to Alex 4 not loving grace!

  3. Red Dalek says:

    Grace – the girl with blonde hair who was in the school play Grace?

  4. Yes, don’t believe ANYTHING crusader says about grace and I.

  5. Red Dalek says:

    OK then – so when crusader says you’re "not loving" her, I’ll assume the opposite. Thanks

  6. Yharra says:

    So u dont love Grace apparently hmmmmmm weird! Oh Oh I know but why? Alex Why?

  7. Yharra says:

    its spreading ’round like hotfire with a gas trail

  8. Crusader42 and a 1/2 says:

    lol i know

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