Doctor Who

I’m running out of ways to get more excited about Rose (26th March – 7pm – BBC1) what with the billboards \ trailers \ press coverage and all. Even Newsnight Review loved it, apart from American Bonnie Greer, who thought the acting and plots were wonderful but didn’t “get it”. Which gives me a very good feeling: it’s a British show after all.

(And yes, I promise I was only watching Newsnight Review for that!)

Now then – term ends on Wednesday (already!?) so I’ve got to finish my ICT Coursework and then it’s all revision. Although technically you can’t revise something until you’ve actually learnt it the first time… Humanities department, are you listening?

Oh, and tonight’s shout out goes to Maya, because she’s shockingly escaped a mention here so far despite helping me to hijack Babbleblog. And she fancies Nic. Strange girl…

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Doctor Who

  1. Nic Parkes says:

    Well thanks for that, Dom

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