Windows XP Home Edition… N

That’s the final name for Microsoft’s EU-enforced Media Player-less operating system that no one will buy. And anyone that does get it by accident will surely just install Windows Media Player on it.

You can only laugh I suppose… Windows XP N. Get it now!

In totally unrelated news, I notice that Googling for ‘hillsong cult’ (and various other combinations) brings up my angry post which resulted in a long discussion that somehow ended up with gay sex. Ah well, no-god works in mysterious ways. I have now found the Ebon Musings whose ‘Building Blocks’ essays are a wonderful dissection of belief, along with some funny stuff too. Well written, calm and logical with the clearest arguments for atheism I’ve ever seen.

Tomorrow I’ll be in school for some English revision, but my new MP3 player should be arriving as well. It’ll then be loaded up with music played with Windows Media Player on my ‘unclean’ system without that holy N. (I believe I’m mixing up topics now, so I’ll just stop right here)

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Windows XP Home Edition… N

  1. Alex Newman says:

    for my comment above, the top line should be in quotes (first line of third paragraph)

  2. Red Dalek says:

    You know, I did put that at first, but then changed my mind 😯

    Which I have now changed back!

  3. Alex Newman says:

    In totally unrelated news, I notice that Goggling for ‘hillsong cult’ (and various
    spellcheckers are great, but you have to add google, and all variations
    i wonder if its in the dictionary?

    the answer is yes-

  4. What’s the point if you can just download it?

  5. Red Dalek says:

    It’s for all those millions of people who are determined that there should be no Windows Media Player on their system by default.

    Another ‘forgotten majority’?

  6. Pingu says:

    Will anyone actually buy the ‘M’ version? I don’t use media player at all, but I like it to be as functional as possible out the box.

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