Me in year 8

Dearth of blogging recently

Sorry. I’ve had a cold, and I didn’t think anyone would be interested in reading that. [sneezes]

I did manage to finally hand in my very last piece of coursework on Thursday, so am now officially coursework-free. Just got homework, exam revision and yearbook editing left. Oh, and talking of yearbooks – here’s an embarrassing picture from Year 8 that’s just turned up:

Me in year 8

The hair! The smile! The braces! The slightly autistic stare!

Oh, and I never got a chance to register my disapproval at Alan Sugar’s decision last Wednesday in The Apprentice. I’ve agreed with him up to now, but firing Miriam – especially that week – was just wrong. My current favourite is still James, as it has been ever since Paul started showing his talents were quite limited. All IMHO, of course. As this blog generally is.

Well – if anybody’s going to shout out it’ll be Red Dalek. Hi Chloe, who was surprised to find I had a website because “I kept that quiet.” Say whaaat?

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Dearth of blogging recently

  1. Pingu says:

    Yeah I was a bit miffed about his decision too.

    In a business sense, I think Paul should go next. But I would fire Saira.

  2. alex trafford says:

    So when exactly did you stop smiling in pictures?

  3. Red Dalek says:

    You can see why now!

  4. janet says:

    wats wid da hair? Aint u neva heard of a hair brush, u grungy?!!!!!!

  5. adnan says:

    true!!!! and get some vo5 yah tramp!!!

  6. Red Dalek says:

    Bah – hair styling is for girls (no offence Nic )

  7. BAGMAN says:

    Dominic, hows it goin. You forgot to mention josh’s stunt today. The pic, so youthful, innocent so unaware of the harsh scalding reality that is life. Well dom it seems you have successfully become the home of all bagmans comments. Well done

  8. Ragnarok_Warrior says:

    Hey which one was Mariam?? The loud mouth one?

  9. Nic Parkes (Dom-s Editor...praise me) says:

    You can call me a girl if you like Dom. I don’t care – I’m vain. Very. And I’m also gorgeous.

  10. Ragnarok_Warrior says:

    Lol Nic’s like my bro

  11. Bagman says:

    I finally found out who god was. They are nothing compared with the real god, BAGMAN. I am presently sitting next to this god character while i type this. I will now reveal his identity. He is

  12. God says:

    no one will ever now my true identity!! (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha) i will remain the master of all, wiser and more godly then my inferior counterpart BAGMAN.

  13. Red Dalek says:

    Well whoever you are, it’s interesting to see that God has HomeChoice

  14. God says:

    how the fuck do you know that????

    i thought i was the the one who was all knowing

    (your are right by the way)

  15. Red Dalek says:

    Ah, the wonders of being an IT geek…

    Anytime you access a website, your IP address is revealed along with other information (such as browser, ISP, screen resolution and operating system. HomeChoice is your ISP.)

  16. god says:

    ahh, your geeky powers have imressed me, to bad you will never no my true IDENTITY!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ah ahah ah ah haha hahaa

  17. God says:

    and get a new blog started these one’s are boring and lifless (sorry but god only speeks the truth)

  18. alex trafford says:

    Far better than those shitty blogs that go along the lines of
    "then i had pieee!!!!LOL!!) OMG!! I’m so cool theN i WNT shops~~~~~katy~wot u did!!!LOL!!!!"

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