The Daleks are back! Like, on TV! Finally, people will stop asking me about my nickname!

Seriously though, that was one hell of an episode.

Staying on the TV theme, the BBC are current broadcasting BBC 1, 2, 4 and News 24 live over the internet. Please note that these tests are likely to end soon, so for the moment:

BBC News 24

Two great days in a row… how lovely.

[Update – as predicted, links now dead]

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  1. God says:

    i would just like to sate my dislike of that epasode of Dr who.

  2. alex trafford says:

    Why didn’t you like it?

  3. Katie Self says:


  4. James says:


  5. alex trafford says:

    The flying Dalek and it downloading the internet was a bit much but apart from that it was really cool.

  6. Ragnarok_Warrior says:

    I dont Really like Dr.Who! Please dont hate me LOL

  7. El Barto says:

    Please Billie, tone down that accent! your doing the Londners no good!

  8. God says:

    james your asured a place in heaven

    now the reason why that epasode was so crap is simple.

    that dalek was shit and the acting of dr who guy was even worse, and dont evn get me started on billie pippers role (she should stick to a carer as a retires pop singer).


    1) it was obviously perverted, tryin to feel up the girl with its "slimmy thing" (which was evidently whitish, clear, hmm anyone no what im getting at)
    2) it was crap and slow, like the question isnt who can escape from the daleks, its who cant, even an old granny can outrun that thing!!!
    3) and it keeps bitchin about it having feelings how gay is that????

  9. Red Dalek says:

    Note to all – please do not use ‘gay’ as a general insult on this blog. Thanks.

  10. GOD says:

    by gay i do not mean a general insult but a dicription of the behavour inhibited by the dalek in question. hence, by gay i meant the dalek is paculer, or quer, hence gay.

  11. God says:

    what i have stated is the general definition of gay so cannot be seen as homofobic slander

  12. Red Dalek says:

    I know you aren’t being offensive God – but ‘gay’ means homosexual, and linking it to something completely different (such as being camp \ emotional \ whatever) only serves stereotypes.

    Unless you are talking about the traditional meaning of being happy, but I doubt that!

  13. God says:

    well that is exactly my meaning.

  14. Ragnarok_Warrior says:

    doesnt Gay mean Happy

  15. Red Dalek says:

    Yes. (The Flintsones have "a gay old time" )

    It also means homosexual. It does *not* – at least on this blog – mean crap \ rubbish \ camp \ emotional \ anything else.

  16. james says:

    Get over it already!

  17. God says:

    look just exept thefact, the darlek is gay, plain and simple, get over it and except it!!!!!!

  18. Red Dalek says:

    No, it isn’t. And it’s spelt ‘Dalek’. And ‘accept’.

    Sorry god – but I can ban IPs if need be.

  19. God says:

    oh, is that how it is well i can always block you way into heaven so shame!!!!!

  20. Red Dalek says:

    OK – see you at the pearly gates (or not… mwahaha)

  21. God says:

    fine, i’ll accept that the DALEK is NOT gay, happy now!!!!1

  22. God says:

    i gave in because red dalek blocked me and tryed to report me, god as a spammer!!!!!

    you’ll see your day will come ha aha ahahah ahah ahhaha ahhahah aha

  23. Pingu says:

    Oh Dom stop being so gay!

  24. Red Dalek says:

    I’m just naturally happy Pingu

  25. Ragnarok_Warrior says:

    Ur gay Im estactic

  26. God says:

    what happened to not being aloud to use the word gay??????????????

  27. Red Dalek says:

    Irony, god, irony

  28. alex trafford says:

    27 comments drifting on and off topic, I think we need a new item.

  29. Red Dalek says:

    There will be… once I think of something suitably exciting. However, for now – comments closed!

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